Client’s Don’t Come To You For Strategy. They Come To You For Transformation.

Shift The Field is the definitive guide for facilitating transformation for service-based professionals who want to go deeper with their clients, unlocking the magic they were born to share.

Client’s Don’t Come To You For Strategy. They Come To You For Transformation.

Shift The Field is the definitive guide for facilitating transformation for service-based professionals who want to go deeper with their clients, unlocking the magic they were born to share.



Whether you’re a coach, consultant, creative, or healer, you’ve no doubt experienced:
  • Believing clients will only pay for practical strategy and “how-to” programs
  • Asking yourself, “Will I always be working this hard? Must I always take on the weight of the world? Can’t I find a way that feels better to me?”
  • Witnessing (in some cases, less talented) other coaches sell transformation, often at higher prices than you can command
  • Wondering why some leaders create ongoing miracles for their clients while other clients chase breakthrough after breakthrough without achieving actual lasting change
  • Questioning your skill level to provide true transformation again and again
  • Feeling as though you have to sneak your transformational magic in the back door because it isn’t something others value
The reality is that transformation is precisely what clients want from you. Because that is the type of leader you are, and your ability to guide them to their truth is why they will hire you.


Discover The Anatomy of A Transformation

There is a science to understanding, facilitating, and repeating transformation for both you and your clients. You’ll learn how to harness it to unleash your magic.


Learn How to Create a “Transformation First” Business

Shifting from “problem solver” to a “transformer of energy” enables you to fundamentally simplify how you work, market, and connect with your clients.


Connect With Your Divined Source Energy

Tap into the not-so-secret sauce that allows you to live in your truth and more easily hold space for your clients to see theirs.

Unlock The Magic You Were Born To Share

“When you shift the field, you create a whole new plane for your clients’ life. The core of this book teaches how to help your client go from Default to Sourced Energy. Sourced energy is the root of your transformation and when tapped into, life flows in new, exciting, and unexpected ways.”
-Darla LeDoux


Maggie Ostara

“This beautifully written book, full of tangible and recognizable stories, is for all teachers, leaders, and practitioners who work with the intention of facilitating deep transformation. As LeDoux points out, many people have elements of what she calls ‘The Anatomy of Transformation,’ but their results with clients suffer because they don’t have all the elements or understand how to have them work together. This gem will inspire, inform, and delight those wanting to take their work to another level—to transform their practices and themselves in partnership with Source.”


PhD, Human Design specialist at SovereigntybyDesign.com, mentor, speaker, and author
Amber Swenor

“Transformation is the most powerful catalyst for personal joy and growth. Darla masterfully takes the concept of transformation—which can often feel nebulous—and provides a solid framework for how transformation looks and feels, and how a transformational leader can facilitate this process. The ability to lead transformationally is a powerful gift and skill set that, when adopted by wider audiences, can play an important role in global healing. Any coach, consultant, or leader who desires to be a part of this global shift will benefit from reading this book.”


Transformational Life and Business Strategist at Soul Seed
Janet Newman

“Shift the Field is a must-read for any coach who wishes to truly help their clients transform. It provides easy-to-understand steps and fascinating examples of real client situations to illustrate a unique methodology, which involves tapping into an individual’s energetic field to get their desired outcome.”


Ph.D., author of Living in the Chemical Age
Lisa Berkovitz

“Darla is a master of her craft, and in this book reveals the true heart of transformation: your energy. Through detailed stories and an easy-to-understand framework, she has made fulfilling and sustainable success accessible to anyone who truly wants this kind of transformation for themselves, as well as for those who want to facilitate it for others.”


Soul Mastery Coach
Tina Forsyth

“I’ve been in the professional coaching world since 1999, and I have to say, there are few people who can do what Darla LeDoux does. Put simply, Darla knows how to create transformation—real, deep and meaningful change—for her clients. People make powerful shifts in her presence. It’s easy to think that this is ‘magic,’ or something special that only Darla can do, but the truth is we can all learn to do this for ourselves and our clients. The Shift the Field approach that Darla shares in this book lays it out for us in a clear, loving, and actionable way. I am recommending this book to anyone who wants to be a part of the transformation that we so dearly need in our world today.”


Leadership coach, founder of Certified OBM
Monica Rodgers

“A great coach doesn’t give you answers, but helps you access your own. Shift the Field takes this to a whole new level, offering today’s coaches, healers and teachers a ‘revelationary’ framework that can be used to achieve repeatable breakthrough results. In essence, Darla gives us a key that opens the portal into practical magic, and reveals the secret ingredient we need for quantum results every time—the divine energy of Source.”


Founder of The Revelation Project
Katherine Bird

“Darla is masterful at creating transformational experiences and breaking down the processes that one must go through in order to lead others effectively toward their greatest growth. Her fierce commitment to supporting people to find their own magic and live it fully means her teachings don’t force you to live in someone else’s box but to live a truly Sourced experience following your life path of service.”


Mentor for Healing Practitioners
Pamela Slim

“Shift the Field is for the coach or consultant who has tried every tool and trick in the book, and still feels frustrated with client results. The perspective, frameworks, and tools in this book will give you a new way of looking at and supporting transformational change. It centers your clients’ truth, and puts you in a more grounded, effective role, leading to breakthrough results.”


Author, Body of Work

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About The Author

Darla LeDoux is a transformational business coach, “recovering engineer,” the best-selling author of Retreat and Grow Rich, and the founder of Sourced™. Since 2009, she has guided thousands of clients to confidently market, sell, and deliver deep transformation, unlock their own magical Sourced Expressions, and build lucrative businesses based on deep energetic alignment.

Darla is committed to doing business in alignment with what feels right to her soul, because she’s learned that, “What our soul wants is always the most practical thing we can do.” She envisions a world in which all people access and live by their inner knowing, making it valid, valued, and visible in their most magical work.

After years of following others’ formulas for success, Darla reclaimed her Sourced connection—critical for leading in the way that works for her. With a unique blend of business expertise and intuitive healing magic, she supports her clients to not only understand nuanced business strategy but to more importantly hear their own soul’s guidance.

As the creator of the Sourced Leader certification program, Darla equips her clients with the structures and tools to lead their own clients through the process of transformation with the deepest integrity. Graduates demonstrate mastery at shifting the field in their own and clients’ lives, creating a whole new playing field for how we “do” life as a collective.

Darla’s companies have generated millions in revenue, selling transformation first, strategy second. She’s been featured on stages of many coaching industry leaders, as well as a plethora of podcasts and online events. She hosts Sourced with Darla LeDoux on YouTube, and The Retreat and Grow Rich Podcast on iTunes.

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