I invite you to prepare to Shift the Field in your business and life!


Please set aside the FULL THREE DAYS. 

Here are the specific event hours:

Tech Check (Open Hours)

Tuesday, November 8 @ 2 pm PT / 5 pm ET (2 hours)

Opening “Cocktail Party”

Virtual Networking Event:

Wednesday, November 9 @ 3 pm PT / 6 pm ET (90 minutes)


November 10 – 12

Daily General Session Time:

Morning Session 8 am – 11 am PT / 11 am – 2 pm ET

Lunch Break 11 am – 12 pm PT / 2 pm – 3 pm ET

Afternoon Session 12 PM – 3 PM PT / 3 pm – 6 pm ET

Additional Ideas:


  • Create a sacred space for your event! Whether you stay at an airbnb (but wait for your event swag to be delivered first!) or create a unique setting in your home that feels distinct from your day to day business life, it makes a difference to cue your subconscious mind that something is different here. (Trust me your energy field will feel that something is different too as soon as you plug in – maybe you’ve already noticed it!?)
  • Nurture and nourish yourself! What support do you need during our time together? We will have 3 hour sessions in the morning and afternoon, with a 1-hour meal break. Check the timing of sessions in your time zone, and make plans for meals and snacks. Perhaps you can use this as an opportunity to ask for and receive support from family or friends (or a trusty delivery driver!). We also have a special breakout workshop you’ll want to plan around.
  • Play in Sourced Energy! We’ll be exploring how energy works in your life, and for your clients, and in your business. It would be great if you can get yourself out in nature, or into water (a warm bath!), to hear, feel and experience yourself in your own energy field. Being busy with other things that your Default Energy self put in place will distract from your ability to make the most of this experience.
  • Look upon yourself with love. These are guidelines and recommendations. However you show up to play during this event, you are divinely perfect. Believe yourself. Make your choices right. Look upon yourself with the same level of love that Source holds you in. That is how I see you too. #WeGotThis #BelieveYourselfReceiveFromSource