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You’re here because you love deeply. And your love is a profound gift to the world.

However, if you’re like most lightworkers today, you didn’t learn how to let love flow freely to you and through you. In fact you may have witnessed unhealthy patterns of love being modeled in your family and unconsciously learned to imitate them yourself (we all do this!)

It’s those same patterns, acted out of love, that are costing you clients and costing your clients the results they desire.

If you aren’t earning the money you want, reaching the people you feel called to reach, and feeling light while doing it, it’s time to upgrade The Love Pattern you’ve been running.

The Love Pattern you experience has two versions – a lower vibe and a higher vibe. Let’s uncover both in this intimate 90-minute experience so that you can shine the purest expression of your own light into the world.

NOTE: This breakout workshop serves as your Truth revealer and is an integral part of your Shift the Field experience, so please prioritize this!

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P.S. We’re so excited we get to hold you in The Love Pattern Experience: Discern the small t truth that can unlock your Capital T success. Your zoom link to join LIVE will be available inside of your Shift The Field LIVE Event Dashboard beginning the afternoon of Day 1, before your session begins <3



Thursday, November 10th @ 3:30 pm PT / 5:30 pm CT / 6:30 pm ET (90-minutes)

Lori Raggio
Certified Sourced™ Leader

Lori Raggio is the Founder and CEO of Inspire Greatness Coaching and Consulting. She serves as a creation catalyst, soul activist, and intuitive transformation alchemist helping women leaders and entrepreneurs remove their armor, find their authentic self, engage with their geographical soulmate, and live aligned with their passion and purpose. Lori is a best-selling author with over 25 years of progressive Human Resources executive experience in private and public entrepreneurial growth organizations. She is one of 12 founding coaches of the Coaching Collective. Lori is powered by purpose, driven by insatiable curiosity, and guided by Source to partner with women leaders to explore who they are becoming and courageously support them to intentionally impact the world by leveraging their talents and gifts in alignment with their heart and Soul.

Learn more about Lori’s work at linkedin.com/in/lori-a-raggio.

Wendy Lee
Certified Sourced™ Leader

Wendy Lee was a total rockstar in the corporate arena. Climbing her way to SVP of HR, it appeared she had it all. But, inside, her self-worth was eroding away from the abuse of her narcissistic partner. The crisis led her to a life coach, that helped uncover generational trauma default patterns, and supported her healing journey. The impact was so profound, she ditched the partner and corporate gig and founded LeadHERship Revolution™ to support women leaders. She believes deeply that all women have untapped magic resources to live a potent and powerful life, create a living they love, and impact the world in revolutionary ways! Today, Wendy enjoys her time as an international influential speaker and best-selling author, certified transformational life coach, yogi, animal advocate, ally, and for real rockstar, as the lead singer of a top 40 band!

Learn more about Wendy’s work at leadhershiprevolution.com.

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Thursday, November 10th @ 5 pm PT / 7 pm CT / 8 pm ET (90-minutes)


Emme Porter DeWitt (they/them)
Certified Sourced™ Leader

Emme Porter DeWitt (they/them) is a nonbinary advocate, thought leader, and founder of The Both/And Collective, where they help all generations expand their thought processes beyond the either/or. This can be seen most notably in Emme’s debut course Gender Mindset Reset, which helps people reconnect with their gender expansive loved ones after coming out—a program inspired by Emme’s own family story. Their current work focuses on community leaders stalled out by residual patterns in need of fresh perspective.

Learn more about Emme’s work at emmepdw.com.

Cynthia McGrath
Certified Sourced™ Leader

Cynthia McGrath is a Voice Mentor, Medicine Song Woman & Transformational Coach who helps women release patterns of suppressing their voice so they can be heard and create bounteous income being fully expressed. Her deep desire is to bring a life-affirming world into being through women claiming the true expression of their voice. Cynthia knows what it is to live without access to her voice – and the ecstatic joy of reclaiming it. That’s why she’s devoting her post-career life to liberating Women’s Vital Voices. Whether you’re a speaker, entrepreneur, or feeling blocked in some way, she will help you bring forth the sparkle in the jewel your soul is here to shine!

Learn more about Cynthia’s work at cynthiamcgrath.com.

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Friday, November 11th @ 6 am PT / 8 am CT / 9 am ET (90-minutes)


Rionach Aiken
Certified Sourced™ Leader

Rionach Aiken is a Visibility Mentor & Poetry Alchemist™. She overcame decades of debilitating shyness to become a poet, speaker and transformation leader. When she shares her magic, she touches people’s hearts, melts their frozen parts and helps them see their own essence. Rionach supports visionary leaders like you to clear your visibility blocks, cultivate your visibility superpowers and create magnetic connection with your perfect people. Our world needs more visionary voices!

Learn more about Rionach’s work at rionachaiken.com.

April Gregory
Certified Sourced™ Leader

April Gregory is a Brand Marketing Strategist & Transformation Coach. One thing she’s learned from crafting and launching million-dollar marketing campaigns is that there is no substitute for creating value and connecting with your audience. She helps her clients create clear messaging, great offers, and consistent content that resonates with their audience and achieves their business goals while removing any blocks and matching their brilliance to the needs of the marketplace.

Learn more about April’s work at aprilgregory.kartra.com/page/lw551.

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