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Sourced Magic Business Activation - $297

Your Sourced Magic Business Activation INCLUDES:

  • A Potent 45-minute Activation Session with a Sourced Coach – Step into the energy field of a Sourced Coach, experience their magic at work on your business and discover the ONE thing that’s been holding you back from fully owning and unleashing your magic ($750 Value)

  • Claim Your Magic Bundle — Learn the unique ways your magic can show up in your business and specific ways to optimize around your gifts! ($200 Value)
    • Full Magic Analysis (12-page report)
    • The Top 3 Ways to Optimize Your Business Around Your Magic
    • Magic Video Training with Darla LeDoux
    • Personal Self-Assessment to start unlocking your magic’s true potential

  • Access to an Exclusive Facebook Community with Darla and her team of Sourced Coaches to explore your specific Magic with others of the same magic type (Priceless!)

Your Activation BONUSES INCLUDE:

  • The Magic Vault – ALL six Sourced Magic Reports + Video Trainings! Dive into the different magic types for more understanding and direct application ($1250 Value)

  • Being Multi-Magical Video Training – Explore how the magics can work together for even greater potency ($150 Value)

  • Exclusive Interview with a panel of the 6 Sourced Magic Types – Discover the ways these Sourced Magicians are using their magic in their transformational businesses ($150 Value)

  • A Sacred Invitation to design your transformational business with our support (Priceless!)
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