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  • Email coaching support for 4 months
  • Aligned Selling training

Master the core business model of retreats with this on-demand video training. The course has 9 modules and shows you the exact business model I’ve used to add six figures to my business at any time. Filled with exercises for you apply the principles to your business, and samples, templates and worksheets. The 9 modules of this program include:

Module 1: Introduction to the Retreat and Grow Rich™ Business System


Get an overview of the program; discover the only 3 offerings you’ll ever need to build a multiple 6 figure business (and beyond!) and explore the mindset of a RICH Retreat Leader.


Module 2: What Are You Amplifying?


Get clear on the message you’re amplifying in the world, discover who your STAR clients are (and what they’re really buying from you) and learn how to powerfully describe the transformation you provide.


Module 3: Your High Level Program (HLP)

Design the High Level Program that perfectly serves your STAR Client for maximum results (and the most fun for you!) You’ll get clear on the optimal length and structure for the program, learn desire-based pricing, and plan your overall retreat calendar for the year.


Module 4: Your RICH Retreat Agenda


Time to dive into the strategy behind your RICH Retreat! You’ll discover your retreat leader Archetype, learn the Cornerstone Segments of your retreat agenda and map out the content of your RICH Retreat, segment by segment, according to your Divine Design.


Module 5: Your RICH Retreat Experience


The LEARN Approach will help you RELAX into your retreat. We’ll cover the Anatomy of a Transformation, how to develop a holistic experience that starts the moment your clients register, how to choose the perfect venue, and tune in to the soul of your RICH Retreat.


Module 6: How To Fill Your First Retreat 


The exact steps you’ll need to fill your first retreat – without overcomplicating your marketing or hiding behind your laptop. You’ll learn how to build a core audience and generate conversation, what to do if someone can’t make the dates, and how to NAME and PRICE your RICH Retreat!


Module 7: Making Offers From The Heart


Discover the HEART Offer Formula for making offers with integrity. You’ll get clear on how to offer your RICH Retreat and your High-Level Program, seamlessly and from the heart.


Module 8: Your Gateway Program


The Gateway program is the key to your future freedom as an entrepreneur. Understand your Short Term Gateway vs. your Long Term Gateway and how to know when it’s time to develop the long term system.


Module 9: Activating Your Audience


The only 3 stages of marketing you need, and how to use them to create an endless stream of high paying clients. Find out how to meet the right clients and engage people (even if they’re not ready to buy!), plus the streamlined way to fill your programs and retreats WITHOUT sales conversations.