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Private Coaching with Darla LeDoux - Custom Offer

• Work with the body and energy field to transmute any barrier to success of this campaign (if applicable) and/ or to allow the most potent energy that wants to be highlighted within this campaign to show itself, so we can optimize around that.
• Review, support, and provide feedback for THE TALK, in particular what feels most alive as a listener/ potential client.
• Support you in creating the communication sequence for the free gift, and the VIP Virtual Retreat offer, as well as the three intentions of each and outline of curriculum.
• Keep an eye on the repurposing power of each piece and support you in choosing how to maximize your creation.
• Remind you of who you are if you forget! 🙂

Program Features:
• (1) Initial Love Journey with Darla (75-90 minutes) and recording of the experience and a notes summary of the becoming that is knocking on the door.
• (1) Virtual VIP Session (2 hours)
• 1 Month of Email / Text Support and Copy Review
• (2) Coaching Calls (60 minutes); Can be broken down into (4) Coaching Calls (30 minutes)

Program Dates: June 8 - July 8, 2024

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